Silver Canyon Pottery - Keeping Catalina colorful since 1988
Strolling along the streets of Avalon you will be greeted with a startling array of Catalina tile history.  Nearly 40% of downtown Avalon has been created right here in our local studio.  We have a wide range of outlets throughout the town of Avalon, many representing tiles unique to each shop. Following is our list....

1. NEW!!  Our NEW improved studio gallery is open for business.Located at our production shop at 22 Pebbly Beach Rd. We have a variety of tiles, souvenirs, house numbers, hand thrown pottery as well as close outs and seconds. In addition you can visit our mini-museum full of interactive displays featuring the Pottery, natural world, early years, and many other quirky but cool stuff we've collected over the years.  Starting 8/27/18 we are open 10-4 Monday-Saturday.  Before then please call or text 310-499-8799 to make sure we are there! Go out Pebbly Beach Rd one mile to the FIRST stop sign.  Turn left just past "Catalina Beverage" (the brown warehouse on your left)  We are down on the left through the last open gate.  Please park outside.  See ya there!
2. Catalina Bath & Body  
This shop located right on the main street at 225 Crescent Ave. carries the widest array of our products.  Complex and simple geometric patterns, our original "Avalon scenic" tiles and our functional pottery soap dishes all dot the shelves. We have an array of magnets, ornaments and sparkly tile necklaces for the budget and suitcase friendly grab and go.  Owners Brenda and Stephen Hoefs are also dealers of the original Catalina Pottery all in pristine condition.  Open daily.

2. Afishinados
Dedicated to all things "fishy" this shop is still a must for landlubbers.  A great selection of our marine themed tiles is nestled among an array of regional artists showcasing great originality and craftsmanship.  Located on the main street at 205 Crescent.

3. The Steamer Trunk
The Steamer Trunk carries our attractive and durable line of
house numbers.  Designed as "finished hardware" no frame or tile setting is needed to add a true piece of Catalina to the front of your home. Located at 121 Sumner Ave.

4. The Catalina Island Museum
Totally built from the ground up in 2015 the new Catalina Island
Museum is built to house an extensive collection of historical artifacts and rotating exhibits.  Their gift store is your best bet for books related to Catalina.  They carry our complex geometric designs. Located at 217 Metropole St.