Silver Canyon Pottery - Keeping Catalina colorful since 1988

Learn all about Catalina's fascinating history and create your very own Catalina Tile on the Islands most unique experience. 
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To see many of the areas of Catalina we have been lucky enough to keep looking her best visit our slide show

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"Sombrero Fountain"
Silver Canyon Pottery Co, located on scenic Catalina Island, has been producing handmade tile and pottery for over 25 years.   We pride ourselves on being an integral part of maintaining our unique island town in the style to which she became accustomed.
We specialize in the famous Catalina "cuenca" or color inlay tile reproductions and gladly welcome custom one of a kind projects at our lovely facility located at the North end of the original Catalina Pottery and Tile works.  Please visit our slide show for an introduction.  
If you are coming to Catalina Island in the future, please check out our  Tour Page  for all the information about our exciting tour experience where you will learn all about pottery and tile production past, present and future as well as create your own easy to make genuine Catalina tile souvenir.   See you here on Catalina!